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Qanto – The way up in kitchen corner storage

Qanto – The way up in kitchen corner storage

Something special in the corner

Qanto is possibly the most sophisticated and beautiful corner storage solution available.

At the touch of a button, the shelves/trays rise up from the worktop in a smooth, near silent fashion and provide ergonomic access to an efficient use of space in the most aesthetic of ways.

A highly robust construction and beautifully detailed trays are ninka halmarks that work so well here.

End users will love it because it adds special sparkle to  their kitchen, and trade/manufacturing customers will love it because it comes as a self contained, preassembled cabinet, in a format that fits most kitchen coners. No time-consuming set-up, just position it, plug it in and that’s it.

The standard version is suited to corner positioning and this is the most common application. But it doesn’t need to go in corners if used with a different top-frame as it can then work well along a normal bank of cabinets, at a breakfast bar, or set into an island. The top ‘frame’ can be adapted to suit specific manufactures layouts although the ‘standard’ configuration will fit for most.

Qanto is a perfect example of design and engineering tuned to a market demand for functional and aesthetic innovation. The kitchen corner has been ‘done to death’ in terms of possible solutions, but finally we have a game-changer, certainly for the mid to upper level kitchens.

The design uses a robust lifting mechanism known from height adjustable desk systems to acheive the movement which lifts the majority of the internal volume of the ‘dead corner’ up through the worktop. I’m not sure if this is a product purchased on pure logic, but it is in fact the most efficient use of the space as both cabinets either side can be used as completley normal cabinets so lose zero volume to any kind of corner pull-out trays.

However, even if the’re a good rationalle for the head, this will be a purchas of the heart. We’ve already seen some great customer responses at the few trade fairs where we’ve shown Qanto and some major kitchne manufacturers are already taking it into their ranges.

Qanto comes as a completely pre-assembles cabinet and ready to fit. Just plug it in and the trays will rise perfectly, and the lighting will bring the kitchen to life.
ninka pays so much attention to detail. The trays are of the highest grade polymers and they had to develop a new injection moulding technique to provide the crystal glass effect around the top rim of the trays. This is build on experience producing control panel displays for high-end appliances for Bosch Siemens. The sides of the trays use a nature-tech surface which is difficult to achieve but adds subtle character and quality to the product. This is designed to be used in the best kitchens so the attention to aesthetic detail is second to none.
The trays rise and lower at the touch of  a button and built in active and passive safety features mean that no-one will get their fingers trapped. (there’s more danger of that from a normal kitchen unit door).

The standard version uses a top ‘frame’ which fills a normal kitchen cabinet corner layout, and bespoke arrangements are available to custom fit a manufacturers requirments.

One or two trays, illumination and power are all options.

Interzum video showing further details

Qanto was launched at Interzum in Cologne.
More information and the description on their website is here.
The industry publication, Furniture & Joinery Production wrote about Qanto here.

qanto basic installation information

Note: Other top frame options may be available to order (eg ‘inset’)

Standard corner installation

Worktops butt up against the qanto top ‘frame’.

This is the format shown left, supplied by Hafele (non-standard versions as special orders).

non-Standard corner installations

Other options are available to tailor the solution to specific manufacturers requirements.

Standard corner installation

  • Standard corner layout is 650x650mm
  • Set includes spacer strips for the 650x650mm layout
  • The layout size can be varied between 630x630 to 670x670mm
  • Carcase depths 550-580mm
  • Lifting strut can be on the left or right in a given corner

Standard corner installation

  • Worktop depth 600mm
  • Worktop thickness from 12mm
  • Top ‘coverframe’ dimensions 598x598mm
  • Worktop height 800-1010mm (adjusted using supplied plinth feet)
  • Operating switch positioned in the coverframe

qanto maximum lift distance

qanto maximum weight capacities (max 35kg)


LED lighting

  • Qanto is fitted with LED lighting
  • Illumination is provided for the middle and lower trays
  • The lighting switches on and off as the trays rise and lower
  • Safety switches are included
  • TUV GS approved

Features and Benefits


Complete ready assembles cabinet
Premium materials
World class, robust mechanism
Robust injection moulding and construction
Near-silent operation
Designed to fit standard layouts
Warranty and ninka hotline


No set-up time for mechanism
No corner cabinet required
Aesthectic and functional quality
Bullet proof design and functionality
A silky smooth movement
Easy integration with existing kitchen designs
It won’t give you headaches down the line

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Mark Batchelor

As an independent Atrium consultant, Mark works with manufacturers, specifiers, buyers, product managers, kitchen designers, kitchen showrooms and of course Reps and Account Managers. The sole purpose is to help them all succeed with ninka products in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

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