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pro(arc carousels – premium corner carousel tray sets

pro(arc carousels – premium corner carousel tray sets

pro(arc carousel sets – a significant jump up in quality from virtually any other corner carousel or ‘Lazy Susan’ type product.

The pro(arc corner carousel sets from ninka are solid performer that sells well and looks good in many kitchen designs. It’s flexible in that it comes in different sizes and shape format but also in terms of available tray colours, chrome trim and anti-slip surface which works well and adds a really nice feel to the product.

The trays are highly robust, or ‘bombproof’ as a customer recently described them. But they are not clunky in any way. The design is subtle enough to work in a variety of kitchen aesthetics, and can of course blend in well if colours are considered, but it’s got some design personality about it too. The raised lozenge shaped elements are neatly arrange on the tray surface to add some visual interest and also mean that items on the trays will not scratch the surface. And they’re easy clean too so if something spills it won’t spoil you weekend. Would anyone really put a wirework tray in their corner any more?

There are of course more sophisticated options for kitchen corner storage, but at the budget to mid level, pro(arc can perform well and has a price that won’t shock the customer – which often happens with some of the more expensive corner options out there.

Good looking, simple, robust, competitive pricing, some custom options for the aesthetic touch – what’s not to like.

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Mark works with Key Account Managers and Regional Reps to help customers succeed with ninka products in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

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