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Powerslide – A corner pull-out that’s not ‘le Mans’

Powerslide – A corner pull-out that’s not ‘le Mans’

Kitchen corner storage pull-out tray system – for asymmetric corner units

Powerslide is an excellent, mid price-level kitchen corner pull-out that can take on the big guns in this product category but at a more competitive price.

Two, bullet proof trays have a large surface area which is the best in class and shaped in a way that is practical for lots of items. the trays rotate and extend out towards the user without swinging in front of the neighbouring cabinets. This can be helpful in certain build layouts or if there’s a dishwasher next to the corner that you’d like to have open at the same time.

Quick-release trays are the best solution for this type of product with two catches under each tray to quickly and easily remove the trays. This is great for fitting (including retro fit) and for the end user to clean. Crumbs always drop down the back of corner pull-outs and usually this is a nightmare to get to, but Powerslide makes it easy. (Try doing that with leMans or a Magic Corner).

A chrome rail option looks very good and can be an aesthetic match to other elements in the kitchen, or the tray without the trim is a simpler design look that can also work well.

Powerslide is available in various widths and has a weight capacity of 40kg (20kg per tray).

Colour options are white, light grey and dark grey (which is colour matched to Blum Orion Grey)

Chrome trim (railing) is available and can be supplied fitted or as an add-on set which can help with logistics. The trays are generally sold as sets in a single box but industrial pack options are available. There are different fitting arrangements to mount on a post or flat side-wall depending on the cabinet construction. Hafele carry the most common version which does the job in most cases.

Powerslide can also be mounted as a taller height version with three or four trays.

There is also a SINGLE TRAY VERSION which is shown below.

Quick release trays

Great for installation (inc retro-fit) and end-user cleaning

(no more crumbs at the back of the cabinet)

The market is saturated with corner storage solutions for asymmetric corner cabinets.

They are simple half tray carousels (we have those too), but as we know, they look pretty basic. Then there are the ‘magic corner’ type solution and various knock-offs of that approach. These actually use a very good proportion of the volume inside the cabinet but are often quite clunky in their operation and look like something out of a factory. Crumbs are also a nightmare.

Then there are the leMans style products and you have to admit that Kesseboehmer hit the spot with that product. It’s got a unique feel about it that end users do love. Downsides are that the shape of the trays is actually quite awkward at times and the usable surface area is not great. The trays are also difficult to remove so cleaning is an issue. The real leMans is also not the cheapest and to be honest, some people are getting a bit bored of it. The numerous knock-off copies of the product are generally of a significantly lower quality but you get what you pay for.

Powerslide is a different approach that uses a cast aluminium construction that rotates and extends the trays forward, out of the cabinet making items more accessible. The injection moulded trays are engineered to be absolutely bomb-proof and are also the easiest to clean of anything on the market. This is particularly helpful in warmer climates where humidity can be a problem for some materials. Powerslide has been copied by various manufacturers including some German neighbours but Powerslide is the original and worth a close look.

Colour options

White, light grey, dark grey
and a chrome trim option

Powerslide – single tray version

The single tray solves the worst problem and the fundamental reason for all the corner pull-out solutions. The upper shelf is not really a focus of sleepless nights for most end users (even if it could be a little more accessible). The real headache is the lower shelf which usually extends out of sight into a gloomy, hidden world of unused lasagne trays and sandwich makers that never see the light of day. Getting at this space means crawling on hand and knees to reach into the darkness….

A single lower tray gives much needed access to this storage area that is otherwise wasted space. It’s what you’d expect – half a Powerslide set with a short mounting assembly which can be retrofitted.

It’s interesting for the DIY market as much as building into budget kitchens that need something to lift them from feeling too primitive. It’s a cost effective solution that’s available in the various finishes and is likely to be more price sensitive. Even at the competitive price, you still get ninka quality, a bullet proof tray and 20kg of capacity on a practically shaped tray. That’s about 30 lasagne trays.

Powerslide -sigle tray version
Solving the main issue in corner storage access – the dreaded lower shelf deep, dark corner

I wondered where all my lasagne trays had gone – now I can get them without crawling on my knees with a torch.

Mrs Batchelor

Busy Mum

powerslide Features and Benefits



Neutral design


Premium materials


Robust, engineered trays


Practical shaped trays with large surface area


Trays extend straight out


Seealed surface


Quick release trays



Can adapt to fit any kitchen aesthetic


A high quality haptic and overall feel


Tough enough to last as long as the kitchen


Functional storage of lots of items


Doesn’t block neighbouring cabinet


Food safe and easy to clean


Easy to fit and no more crumbs at the back

powerslide Part Numbers

Main Powerslide sets

Pole options

Contact ninka or the regional distributor for specific colour/size options available.

Tray extension to aid access to items

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