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one2seven – bin system for Blum Legarabox

one2seven – bin system for Blum Legarabox

one2seven – a hanging bin system that is robust and good looking enough to be proudly and confidently matched to Legrabox from Blum.

Ninka one2seven – what problems does it solve?

The Legrabox drawer system is an excellent product – it looks great and the quality of manufacture and finish is a benchmark in the industry.

And the best approach for bin systems is the ‘hanging frame’ format. But the under-mounted runners present a problem in that a hanging bin system has limited space between the runners for the bins to hang down. Blum has focused on what they do best which is drawers, so left the bins to other suppliers. There are a few on the market but most underestimate the job. Legrabox is likely to be in a mid to upper price level kitchen, and the kitchen designers as well as the end users will have a high level of expectation. Most of the suppliers out there underestimate this for the following reasons:

  • the actual bin containers just don’t feel premium – flimsy bins, sharp edges, handles that bend (if they have them), thin wall thicknesses, splits, cracks – you get the idea – these are just not good enough to fit with Legrabox
  • The aesthetics – Legrabox is a beautiful piece of engineering. Anything that doesn’t look and feel as good will not be good enough. But what’s also lacking in the competition is aesthetic integration – many bin systems (not just for Legragox) look like ‘add-ons’ and not really integrated with the kitchen or the drawer system. If a product doesn’t look like it is part of the Legrabox, then it’s not good enough,
  • Engineering – if the bin system doesn’t match the quality of the Legrabox then it’s going to fail. For example, many bin systems look at weight capacity as how much waste sits in a bin, so maybe 20 or 30 kg at most. However, imagine when the drawer is fully extended open and the user wants to squeeze in some more waste because the bin’s already full an they can’t be bothers to empty it right now. The reality is that they push heavily down on the bin contents to get it to all fill – the weight effectively on the extended bin frame and runners is now 40, 50, 60 kg ? This is enough to twist the whole assembly and will over time mean that the bin will start to extend with those ugly scraping sounds. In a Legrabox kitchen that’s not going to go down well, but the most bin suppliers are thoroughly underestimating this issue.

So ninka created one2seven specifically for Legrabox.

The system is silky smooth and maximises the Legrabox effect. The aesthetics are completely harmonious with the Blum drawer, even down to colour matching. The design is simple but clearly functional, good for cleaning and with an architectural purist design that follows the Blum drawer design perfectly.

The construction of one2seven is extremely robust although simple to fit and use. Manufactures and kitchen fitters are already finding it very simple to install and end users will just use it without a second though for many years to come. The bin-frame and drawer will not twist or bend – it will be robust and solid.

The actual bins are our usual high standard. High grade polymers, thicker wall thicknesses, a strong top rim that won’t bend or deflect and handles that are reinforced with fibreglass to stop them bending under load – and they are designed to lock bin-bags perfectly into place (looks good and functional).

Ninka one2seven – the hit list


The key factors for considering ninka one2seven fas the bin system for Blum Legrabox are:

  • High quality construction
  • Aesthetically matched (form and colour) to Legra
  • Allows using the same Legrabox drawer as in the rest of the kitchen as a basis for the pull-out mechanism
  • Best bin containers on the market – they look good, are comfortable and practical to use (handles work well and lock bags into place), and they’re bulletproof – it’s ninka, so these are products that you won’t need to waste time fixing or replacing – they just work. The material and construction of the bins is such that they won’t split or crack. Pick up a ninka bin in one hand and a similarly sized competitor bin and you’ll feel how much or sturdy (and heavy) the ninka bin is.
  • We’ve seen several major customers analyse the market and select one2seven as they fit Legrabox in every sense. There are other options on the market, but they are just not the same. Ultimately you get what you pay for – cheaper bins are cheaper, but they will look and feel cheaper in that lovely new Legrabox kitchen.
  • Competitive pricing – yes, in fact ninka products are well priced and if you can go for bulk packaging rather than set prices then the savings make one2seven a star.
  • Get in touch with us here, or your Hafele rep to see if they can sort out a sample for you.


Ninka one2four coverframe – the standing bin system alternative for Blum Legrabox

The one2seven system makes sense when it can be used – the hanging, integrated approach just looks so good and works so well. However, due to the narrow gap between the runners as discussed above, there isn’t a lot of room for bins in 300 and 400 width cabinets. That’s where the coverframe comes in.

A normal, low mounted Legrabox pan drawer is fitted. Onto that we fix the one2four coverframe which is  a laser-cut metal plate with apertures for sitting bins and a form that adds strength and rigidity.

As you can see in the images, the product looks very good and matches the aesthetic of the Legrabox and the one2seven frame – so a perfect choice for the narrower cabinets, even if one2seven is being used for 450, 500 and 600 widths which are much more common. The colour coded shelf/lid above the bins makes the whole thing feel very much like its fully integrated into the kitchen. So you don’;t have the impression that a bin/frame has simply been put into an empty cabinet and screwed to the base.

There is of course the option to use the coverframe approach for wider drawers too and ninka has a number of options for wider drawers in cabinets up to to 900mm.

The apertures are precision cut to fit the bins perfectly – for example, a coverframe designed for  short bin (eg 17L) will not work well for a tall bin (eg 32L) because of the sloping sides to the bins. They are the same at the top, but by the time you get down to the level of the coverframe, the size is actually quite different, so the aperture (the hole for the bin) needs to be the right size. This is the sort of thing that most competitors would ignore and just give you a hole that fitted everything – but that means that some bins will fit tightly and some will rattle around! Ninka just can’t accept this, so makes sure that things fit as they should.

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