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one2four classic (275mm) – standing bins for under sinks and pan drawers

one2four classic (275mm) – standing bins for under sinks and pan drawers

one2four – high quality bins for under sinks or in pan drawers in 450 or 500 depth format and the usual range of widths

Ninka one2four – under sink and pan-drawer bins

Ninka bins are famous for tough durability combined with excellent finish and a handsome look and one2four (275mm) bin sets are no different.

They will work well in 500mm depth format drawers but were actually designed to fit perfectly in 450 depth format drawers which tend to have a 423mm internal front-to-back measurement so you get very efficient use of space, even with the low bin height used.

The 275mm height is perfect for many pan drawer configurations and still provides pretty reasonable capacity. It’s also the perfect height for under a sink and the ninka ‘coverplate’ (a shelf/lid) means that the space above the bins is not wasted.

The bins come in 6, 13.5 and 21L sizes which combine together to efficiently use 300, 400, 450, 500, 600 and 900mm wide drawers (cabinet widths). Other widths are of course possible but these are the common ones.

The bins work as a set which includes a ‘nobbly’ baseplate that sits in the base of the drawer and stops the bins sliding around, and a coverplate (shelf/lid) which is mounted in the cabinet directly over the bins. This is really helpful if used under a sink for example, so the the rest of of the volume of the cabinet above the bins can be easily used as opposed to when the bins have individual lids. However, some people like individual lids so these are available too.

one2five is available as complete sets and also in component form which is bulk packed. The MOQ’s need to be considered, but generally this means a big saving for the customer.

The range is available in ‘alu grey’ (light grey) and also now in ‘dark grey’ which matches Blum drawers perfectly as this has become a standard dark grey (Orion Grey) in the market.

These ninka bins are tough, look good and fit well.

They use high grade polymers and a heavy wall thickness to ensure that they won’t split or crack. They’re just about bomb-proof but also look good. The handles work well also lock any bin-bags securely and neatly in place. The way the bins locate together on the baseplate makes them look very sorted. Although these have been around for a few years, they still sell in huge numbers because they satisfy so many criteria in an straightforward but well executed way.

Container sizes (alu Grey):

  • A – 6L (ninka No. 5135.90 41616)
  • B – 13.5L (ninka Nr 5136.90 41616)
  • C – 21L (ninka No. 5137. 90 41616)

Dark grey also available as a special order.

one2four layout suggestions

Example customer show-kitchen at Interzum (Cologne) 2017

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As an independent Atrium consultant, Mark works with manufacturers, specifiers, buyers, product managers, kitchen designers, kitchen showrooms and of course Reps and Account Managers. The sole purpose is to help them all succeed with ninka products in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

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