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one2five – World class integrated kitchen recycling bin system

one2five – World class integrated kitchen recycling bin system

Recycling bins that add a deep feeling of quality to a kitchen

The ninka frame-hung bin range is state of the art  and offers exceptionally high quality and attention to detail.

As an experienced Hafele rep in New Zealand put it:

“If the customer wants the same drawer system throughout their kitchen (for quality , feel and aesthetic reasons) then this is the right product. Anyone paying attention to their kitchen would want that.”

The system is integrated into your kitchen to provide a seamless feel, and a kitchen studio or fitter would not be challenged in installing it. The standard drawer positioning and fitting all remains the same, it’s just a case of replacing the drawer base with the ninka frame. That’s it.

We can supply to fit specific drawer-box solutions or even provide a complete package with runners and frame if that’s a better option for specific cases or retrofit..

The system can work with a variety of cabinet sizes and offers a range of containers to suit all needs – from small specialist units to large high capacity bins.

A special shelf-lid or individual lids and integration with one2top rage of functional lids is no problem.

one2five adds design excellence to a kitchen waste and recycling.

The best quality polymer (raw material for injection moulding) and thick wall thicknesses mean bulletproof quality and resistance to splitting or cracking even over time and with extreme temperature variations. Pick up a ninka bin in one hand and a competitors bin of the same size in the other and even the difference in weight will tell you how much better quality the ninka bin is.

Toughest handles that use fibreglass for strength. Some of the competition don’t even have handles, but the one2five handles fit perfectly, are very strong (tested to way over specified weight) and are designed to lock a bin bag into place.

The attention to detail is the best on the market, the surface detail from precision injection moulding completes a product package that is tope of the class.

The fact that the frame fits snugly and easily into the main drawer systems on the market is such an advantage especially as customers become more accustomed to integrated bins and start toe really spot the difference between products available.

Standard sets supplied for cabinet widths
300, 400, 450, 500, 600, and wider on request.
Standard depths 400, 450 and 500.
Specific frames available for Blum, Grass, Hafele, Alto, etc. So the sets always fit perfectly.

Modular (bulk pack) options for all parts/bins.

Check with your suppler for specific options available.

2x35L in a 600 wide cabinet (above)

2x32L in a 450 wide cabinet (above)

Perfectly fitted handles lock the bag in place and complete an integrated feel to the product.

How can I buy ninka products?

The UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Contact the Hafele national office in these countries as the first step.
Click here for details.

The information on this site is the primary product info for each product - product availability and specifications will vary for each market.
Talk to Hafele or click here to talk to us.

Other countries or other questions

Use the contact form here and we will get back to you.

End User Purchases

We are a strictly B2B business and do not sell direct to the public.
We offer some advice on how you may buy through a retail partner here.

About The Author

Mark Batchelor

Mark works with Key Account Managers and Regional Reps to help customers succeed with ninka products in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

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