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cuisio – elegant solution for cutlery tray drawer inserts and drawer organisation

cuisio – elegant solution for cutlery tray drawer inserts and drawer organisation

Something special in the cutlery drawer

A superbly simple aesthetic which fits with any kitchen style, with clear and effective functionality and high quality material combinations. It’s a contemporary design that fits with the current trend for simple lines, but also adds a modern, high quality feel to more traditional kitchen aesthetics.

The system is truly flexible in fitting to a huge variety of drawer sizes, and comes as ready made sets or as components to fit together as you need them. The sets use rubber strips down each side for a perfect, snug fit and the trays come in depths covering 450,500 and 600 depth drawers and in all drawer widths of course.

A metal strip connects the modular components that not only works in a famously robust way, but looks great too with either a aluminium or stainless steel finish.

The translucent trays are made of high grade material and are injection moulded with a heavy wall thickness. The material is also scratch resistant, food safe and fine for a dishwasher for spring cleaning.

Tray colours work in harmony with either a aluminium or stainless steel trim. The most popular combination is anthracite with stainless but the white with aluminium is also a strong seller. They both work perfectly for cooler, modern material and colour trends, and also for warmer, more traditional materials and tones.

The standard anthracite (most popular) uses stainless steel effect metal runners as a joining strip for the modules as well as acting as a great aesthetic touch. The stainless element fits perfectly with kitchens with other stainless appliances or handles, and the dark grey tone to the trays works equally well with contemporary as well as more traditional or warmer, wooden tones in the kitchen design.

The metal strips, combined with premium quality injection mouldings, give cuisio an upmarket feel. And you will in fact find cuisio as standard equipment ins some of the most beautiful kitchens from some of the worlds most prestigious kitchen manufacturers.

cuisio is available in various colours and even with a custom colour option which may be relevant for larger customers able to take reasonable quantities. cuisio is also available in white as shown here, which uses a brighter, aluminium look for the metal runners. This gives the product a crisper, fresher feel which works well with certain colour and materials in the kitchen design.

Costs-wise, cuisio is pitched above the vac-form options on the market (obviously), but below the wooden options out there. It can be compared with the best products from Blum, Grass or Hettich as well as the lesser used drawer siystems.

Sales have been growing and the product performs well as end users recognise that, particularly for the most-used parts of their kitchen like cutlery drawers and bins, it’s worth getting the right solution. It’s a premium product range but with a mid-level price.

Standard sets supplied for cabinet widths
300, 400, 450, 500, 600, 800, 900, 1200.
Standard depths 450 and 500 with bespoke depths possible.
Rubber seals available for Blum, Hettich, Grass, Hafele, Alto, etc. So the sets always fit perfectly.
The knife block is a simple and cost effective add-on that clips under the rails. It can be positioned to accommodate a variety of knives with various lengths.

A Leicht (New York) studio manager talking about cuisio

cuisio universal

The optional side panels are simple, but transform cuisio into a highly flexible cutlery tray. It can now fit bespoke widths, or for a retailer, it means stocking less width sets.

The tray can now be positioned in the middle of a drawer with a variable space either size which is perfect for more awkward shaped, or larger items which never seem to fit in a cutlery tray.

Cuisio is perfect for lifting the feel of our kitchens. Once you’ve used it, a simple vac-formed cutlery tray just looks terrible and cheap (and some of them aren’t that cheap).

Customers want something special inside their kitchens – it’s got to be stylish and functional. And if someone is spending a lot of cash on their kitchen then they want the most frequently used parts (bins and cutlery) to look, sound and feel good.

The universal option is helpful especially in wider drawer layouts such as 900mm or 1200mm where two cuisio units with side panels works really well and gives the end user some genuine flexibility. Andy Smith

Product Manager, UK Kitchen Manufactuer

cuisio universal and optional side panel
Used to create a cuisio universel set – a self contained tray insert. It can also fit to one side to have neatly closed side opposite a rubber strip up to the side of the drawer on the other side.

This also fits the trend for products like Blum Orgaline and Ambialine to add high quality, modular functionality to drawers.

Modular Design for flexibility + Ready made sets for simplicity

A range of different width tray sets from 300 to 1200mm and modules that can be combined to ensure a made-to-measure cutlery insert.

The connecting rails also hold the tray dividers in place and allow them to be adjusted to the desired compartment size, or left out for storing longer items such as bread knives.

Rubber strips specific to various drawer manufacturers clip onto the sides of the complete set to ensure a perfect, snug fit and a high quality feel.

The knife block elements and end panels if used, are also secured in place with the rails.

Fitting and adjusting the tray dividers

Compartments can be divided as shown by removing the rails and refitting with the dividers in the desired position. Thay can be left out altogether in order to store larger/longer items. The dividers are available in the various tray widths.

cuisio Features and Benefits


Modular design
Premium materials
Real metal joining rails
Heavy duty injection moulding
Rubber edge strips for specific drawer types
Optional side panels
Food grade materials


Can adapt to fit any drawer size and manufacturer
A high quality haptic and overall feel
Aesthectic and functional quality
Bullet proof and scratch resistant
A perfect fit
Variable positioning option and perfect for bespoke widhs
Hygenic and dishwasher safe

cuisio Part Numbers

Contact ninka or the regional distributor for specific colour/size options available.

cuisio is available in 450 and 500mm depth formats, with an extended depth option and custom fit short depths also available based on specific MOQs.

Colours are translucent:
– Anthracite
– White


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