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The hafele/ninka relationship

Hafele and ninka have been working together forever.

Here’s some info on the specific links to the

UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia


Ninka has worked with Häfele around the world for many years, but has a particularly close relationship with Häfele in the UK.

Häfele began in Germany in 1923 supplying hardware fittings and today supplies tens of thousands of individual products to customers around the world. Häfele started commercial activities in the UK in 1973, opening it’s first distribution centre in 1980, and is now one of the UK’s largest distributors to the trade.

Ninka has appreciated the level of experience and expertise that the Häfele team offer and is proud to be a partner, working together on supplying customers with the best products for their needs. On occasion this has also included joint developments for new products and we continue to work closely together for the kitchen, bathroom and office markets in the UK.

Häfele is the main distributor for ninka products in the UK, providing a distribution centre in Rugby. This is practical for the majority of ninka business in the UK with the exception of a few manufacturers who are supplied direct.

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