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bioBoy (bioBin) – the cutest bin in the ninka range

bioBoy (bioBin) – the cutest bin in the ninka range

Simple but effective bin to help with everyday kitchen tasks

bioboy is one of those simple little products but with a real impact every day.

The usual process when peeling and chopping vegetables and other foods is to wander around the kitchen with the peelings to drop them into the bin, and dripping bits and pieces as you go. Now you can have a little bin right next to you, either on the worktop/counter or hung on a door or handle so that wast can be easily collected and disposed on when the preparation is finished.

The bin has  a lid (to keep nasty smells as bay) and an integrated hook which helps to carry the bin and also fits neatly over the top of a cabinet door or perhaps a handle depending on their shape. The bin uses food grade plastic injection moulting of the highest standard and will not scratch or damage kitchen door surfaces, except perhaps for the most delicate.

bioBoy (bioBin) comes in either essensa branded retail packaging or can be supplied in plan boxes, and of course in bulk packaging which offers significant cost advantages. The cost, however you buy it, is very reasonable and bioBoy (bioBin) product seems to be loved by everyone who sees it.

bioBoy is suitable for trade sales, through retail showrooms and of course can be integrated into kitchen designs.

It’s often used as a little demonstration of attention to detail to show end customers that their detailed requirements are being considered.

bioBoy is a perfect low-cost, opportunity to provide some added value at minimal or even zero cost to the end customer.

essensa retail packaging as well as bulk packaging is available.

Available in light grey and dark grey (special order)

“… great is that! Personal experience has shown that this handy container is not just good at what it’s designed for but it can actually be used for storing all sorts of things around the kitchen and home. We even use them in the kids bedrooms – full of lego!

Andrea Batchelor

Busy mum

bioBoy (bioBin) dimensions

bioBoy (bioBin) is 4.2 lites which makes it the perfect size to be used on the worktop/counter. It can also be used as a normal food-waste caddy.


Features And benefits


Easy to clean (also dishwasher safe)


Practical helper for an everyday task


German quality


Space saving – keeps work area free


compact, but big enough for the job


Food safe

bioboy (biobin) Part Numbers

Contact ninka or the regional distributor for specific colour options available.

bioBoy (bioBin) – ninka 5188.90 xxxxx

Light grey (RAL 7040 standard colour) – 30511
Alu grey – 41616
Dark grey – 41514

How can I buy ninka products?

The UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

ninka supply to other countries of course either direct to larger customers or via our partner network.

Please contact us for further information or to have a rep from your country contact you. 

The information on this site is the primary product info for each product - product availability and specifications will vary for each market.
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Other countries or other questions

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End User Purchases

We are a strictly B2B business and do not sell direct to the public.
We offer some advice on how you may buy through a retail partner here.

About The Author

Mark Batchelor

As an independent Atrium consultant, Mark works with manufacturers, specifiers, buyers, product managers, kitchen designers, kitchen showrooms and of course Reps and Account Managers. The sole purpose is to help them all succeed with ninka products in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

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