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Author: Mark Batchelor

pro(arc carousels – premium corner carousel tray sets

pro(arc carousel sets – a significant jump up in quality from virtually any other corner carousel or ‘Lazy Susan’ type product. The pro(arc corner carousel sets from ninka are solid performer that sells well and looks good in many kitchen designs. It’s flexible in that it comes in different sizes and shape format but also in terms of available tray colours, chrome trim and anti-slip surface which works well and adds a really nice feel to the product. The trays are highly robust, or ‘bombproof’ as a customer recently described them. But they are not clunky in any way....

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eco carousel sets – robust, simple and cost effective corner storage

eco carousel tray sets – reliable and simple solution in half, three-quarter and full-round versions with various size and finishes. Ninka has been making these trays forever, but for good reasons – they still sell well and continue to be enjoyed in many kitchens around the world. People may have these at home and not know they’re from ninka, although that’s often the case with ninka products – the kitchen brand is the focus not the accessories brand. These trays have a very high weight carrying capacity and a simple but robust construction. They simply do the job and...

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one2four classic (275mm) – standing bins for under sinks and pan drawers

one2four – high quality bins for under sinks or in pan drawers in 450 or 500 depth format and the usual range of widths Ninka one2four – under sink and pan-drawer bins Ninka bins are famous for tough durability combined with excellent finish and a handsome look and one2four (275mm) bin sets are no different. They will work well in 500mm depth format drawers but were actually designed to fit perfectly in 450 depth format drawers which tend to have a 423mm internal front-to-back measurement so you get very efficient use of space, even with the low bin height used....

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one2six – fully integrated hanging bin system designed for rapid assembly one2six A new system with superbly integrated aesthetics with form and colours that are matched to the main drawer systems from Blum, Grass and Hettich. Engineered for rapid assembly lines, the hanging frame can be pre-fitted with the appropriate drawer-sides and then simply clicked into position at the point of assembly. The aesthetics also make for a thoroughly integrated look and feel with the same drawer system clearly visible throughout the kitchen. This page is under construction How can I buy ninka products? The UK, Ireland, Australia and New...

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bioBoy (bioBin) – the cutest bin in the ninka range

Simple but effective bin to help with everyday kitchen tasks bioboy is one of those simple little products but with a real impact every day. The usual process when peeling and chopping vegetables and other foods is to wander around the kitchen with the peelings to drop them into the bin, and dripping bits and pieces as you go. Now you can have a little bin right next to you, either on the worktop/counter or hung on a door or handle so that wast can be easily collected and disposed on when the preparation is finished. The bin has  a...

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