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Author: Mark Batchelor

Qanto – The way up in kitchen corner storage

Something special in the corner Qanto is possibly the most sophisticated and beautiful corner storage solution available. At the touch of a button, the shelves/trays rise up from the worktop in a smooth, near silent fashion and provide ergonomic access to an efficient use of space in the most aesthetic of ways. A highly robust construction and beautifully detailed trays are ninka halmarks that work so well here. End users will love it because it adds special sparkle to  their kitchen, and trade/manufacturing customers will love it because it comes as a self contained, preassembled cabinet, in a format...

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one2five – World class integrated pull-out kitchen recycling bin system

Recycling bins that add a deep feeling of quality to a kitchen The ninka frame-hung bin range is state of the art  and offers exceptionally high quality and attention to detail. As an experienced Hafele rep in New Zealand put it: “If the customer wants the same drawer system throughout their kitchen (for quality , feel and aesthetic reasons) then this is the right product. Anyone paying attention to their kitchen would want that.” The system is integrated into your kitchen to provide a seamless feel, and a kitchen studio or fitter would not be challenged in installing it....

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connect – innovation in drawer organisation – modular cutlery drawer tray inserts sets

Connect is an award winning and fresh approach to drawer organisation – that’s not just for cutlery A flexible way to create order exactly the way a user wants it. A number of components can be combined, clipped together using special hidden clips, to form the ideal layout. And if you don’t like it, or it doesn’t quite fit that garlic press you own but never use, then just adjust the parts to suit. Nobody has drawers the way they’re shown in the brochures – the reality is a mixed jumble of different items that never quite fit a...

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Facia – internal drawer-fronts to add style to a drawer-stack

Facia comes ready assembles with adaptors moulded on. They look great and they’re fitted in a moment. Pre-assembles fronts that take the strain out of internal drawers. Available for major drawer systems. Perfect for the trend towards internal drawers. Facia as used in a Nobilia kitchen. This page is under construction How can I buy ninka products? The UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. ninka supply to other countries of course either direct to larger customers or via our partner network. Please contact us for further information or to have a rep from your country contact you.  The information on...

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