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Atrium Projects

Atrium Projects

Creative Business Thinking


Atrium Projects manages the UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand on behalf of ninka. This is not simple out-sourcing as Atrium (Mark Batchelor) works on a daily basis with colleagues at ninka in Germany to manage opportunities, on-going ordering and logistics, and the occasional issue with ninka partners and customers in these countries.

Atrium is an independent consultancy based just north of London and combines business consulting focussed around marketing, with creative processes and on a good day, inspirational thinking. Mark Batchelor is the owner/director of Atrium and has many years of experience working with clients at all levels of business and from the strategic planning to the gritty hands on. Mark comes from a product development background but evolved through marketing and branding through to more sales and business development activities as with ninka.

The role here is to simply help our partners and customers thrive with ninka products in the four countries under management.

Many Hafele Reps and Key Account managers as well as Senior management at Hafele and of course customers, will have known Mark over the last few years.

Annette Deppe (L), Elke Uhlenburg and Mark Batchelor

Perfect combination

Mark works closely with the team at ninka to ensure that customer needs are met, not just during the sales process but throughout the relationship. Where problems occur, in whatever form, we work together to sort things quickly.

The image shows Annette and Elke who are part of the internal sales team at ninka, with Mark at a recent show in Cologne. Elke in particular works closely with Mark to look after the countries under his management.

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Product Availability

Product specification and availability is country specific. Check with the national Hafele office or contact us.


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