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Ninka products

Innovative, high quality products and a dependable supply chain partner

Based in Germany, ninka designs and manufactures some of the worlds best kitchen accessories and supplies the German kitchen industry.  Ninka also sells through sales & distribution partners and to customers globally and works to provide bullet proof products and to be a 100% dependable supplier. 

Supporting Hafele and ninka customers in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland

This site supports HAFELE and NINKA CUSTOMERS in these four countries officially managed for ninka by Mark Batchelor at Atrium projects.  The information is not just sales blurb (OK, some of it is), but will be helpful if you're a HAFELE REP or a CUSTOMER looking at ninka products 
Get in touch either via the contact form or your Hafele Rep.  Check with Hafele in each country to confirm available products, specs and options.







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Please excuse any errors or info gaps.

Product Availability

Product specification and availability is country specific. Check with the national Hafele office or contact us.


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